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Bournemouth Beach Wedding Photography

A few of the images from the shoot on Saturday on Bournemouth beach. While it was windy it was also quite warm, a fact that I am missing just three days later and 10° cooler.

Laura missed out on the engagement shoot due to Carlos working in the states so we did a Bride and bridesmaids shoot instead. It was a chance for Laura to get the dress on one more time and and for me to get away from the computer for an hour or so.


Liam & Sophie’s Wedding at the Cumberland Hotel

Graphi Studio Wedding Album from Liam and Sophie’s Wedding at the Cumberland Hotel


Slow motion Booth

Have a look at this –
and let me know what you think.
This was shot on a high end Red video camera (they cost $10,000+) I think I can get the same effect with a go pro operating at 120fpm, If anyone would like to try this out email me and we can set something up.

Here are a load more

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Occasional Posts from Neil

Welcome to my brand new web-site and blog-thingy. Here I will post occasional updates and posts.

I thought I would start with a couple pictures of my boxer Peaches-